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My Name is Peter Ashton owner and author of MindMedia,

I first decided on the MindMedia many years ago long before I could build any website, it was always one of the things I would get around to doing someday.

My interest in mind develop started when I was just 17 and I went to a show to see the stage hypnotist Martian St James, like most of my friends I was just out for a good night out but what I saw that night was to change the way I looked at life from that moment on.

You see like everyone else I thought that  the people on the stage were just playing along, there was no way it was for real but there was one guy on stage that I went to school with and that was the point that I had to ask myself, is there anyway that this guy would have danced around a stage like the sugar plum fairy at school?

No Way, I mean I know this guy I had grow up with him and he wouldn’t say boo to a goose, well not when we were at school just 2 years ago, so something is going on here that I don’t understand and something that I just had to find out about.

Suger Plum Fairy

This simple hypnosis show was the beginning of my interest in the unlimited power of personal and mind development.

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