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The intention of this site is to offer a insight into some of the things that I have discovered, some of the methods that I have found useful, along with some of the techniques that I have developed along the way.

I don’t believe that anyone should have to suffer disabilitating limitations when they don’t have to nor is this intended in any way to replace medical help in any way shape or form, it is just information that hopefully some will find useful.

I have studied many different methods over the years from many disciplines, and the same fundamental belief can be seen time and time again, the mind is a powerful organ that when used in the correct manner can be the most amazing of allies   

To get a basic understanding of how well the mind works lets try a little experiment.

I want you to describe your settee ?
You can do this out loud or you can do it in your mind,

But wait you already have!   

As soon as you read the statement an image of your settee came into your mind, in order to  make sense of the statement you had to form a image of your settee in your mind, and from this we can start to see the real power of what is going on.

First things first, everyone will see the image in our minds when I asked you to describe your settee, you didn’t get a list of words that you had to read did you! Nor did you get a feeling of it, you saw it and from that image, the rest as they say follows.

This is were the real power is and every discipline that I have ever come across only works because of it.

You see if I say to you now DON’T WHAT EVER YOU DO THINK OF A TRAIN !

What do you see?

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